Ron Van Sweringen - - astroism - vero beach florida

                                                                                                                        36 x 36

"Astroism" - The Art of Airborne Painting

"Astroism" is the next step forward in Modern American Art. Derived from Abstract Symbolism, this new school of "Astroism" produces paintings created in midair. Pigment from the artist's brush is thrown onto a canvas at lightning speed, producing images of incredible action and vitality.

Unlike the famous "drip" paintings of Jackson Pollock, "Astroism" works of art are created when paint is "thrown" at an upright canvas. The larger of these canvases require up to five thousand throws to complete the composition. The artist's brush rarely touches the canvas, rendering control of the pigment nearly impossible. The airborne paint arrives on the canvas upon its own terms, creating a spontaneous vitality, the hallmark of this new school, born in Vero Beach, Florida.

Two examples of  "Astroism" painting by Ron Van Sweringen are now represented in the collection of the Mennello Museum of American Art in Orlando, Florida.

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